2023 Beach Volleyball Leagues


Spring April 28 – June 26 June 27 – July 6
Summer July 7 – August 31 Sept. 1 – 7
Fall* September 8 – October 19 October 20 –  27

All dates approximate due to weather (& COVID!)

(Sun 11am-11pm, Mon-Thur 5:30pm-11pm, Fri 7pm-11pm)

One match = 3 games. Two matches played each night/week
7 weeks of regular league play (make-ups as needed, if calendar/weather permits)
Playoffs / Position Night for ALL TEAMS (8 weeks total play per season)
Prizes: Score VB Champions Tshirts & Score Gift Card – 1st place!
Current teams get first priority to return, w/ any openings filled from waiting list

Sun CO-ED 4’s $300 /team $340 /team B, BB & BBB
Mon CO-ED 4’s $300 /team $340 /team B
Tues CO-ED 2’s $150 /team $170 /team A/AA
Wed CO-ED 4’s $300 /team $340 /team BB
Thur CO-ED 4’s $300 /team $340 /team A/AA
Fri  CO-ED 4’s $300 /team $340 /team B
Fall Sun* CO-ED 4’s $225 /team $265 /team BB/BBB
Fall Mon* CO-ED 4’s $225 /team $265 /team B
Fall Tue* CO-ED 2’s $112 /team $132 /team B/BB
Fall Wed* CO-ED 4’s $225 /team $265 /team BB
Fall Thur* Womens 4’s/QOTB $225 /4s team & $56 Q $265 /team BB/A
Fall Fri* CO-ED 4’s $225 /team $265 /team Rec/C

Level A/AA – Advanced-Expert / Level BBB – Intermediate-Advanced / Level BB – Intermediate /

Level B – Intermediate-Beginner / Level C – Beginner-Recreational

Early Registration/Payment Deadlines
Spring: April 7 / Summer: June 16 / Fall: August 18th

*Fall is 5 weeks of regular play + one week playoff/position night (6 total weeks)

Sub List

Fill out this form to get your name on our sub list. All Score VB leagues have "open substitution" policy. Anyone may sub on any team (although only 1 "A" player on B/C teams, only 2 "A" players allowed on a BB team). Subbing is a great way to get your foot in the door and possibly get on a team in the future.

For a list of people who are available to sub, use our Contact Form and request our sub list.